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Girlfriend, Kama Sutra or an imaginative role play? In eroticism there are many things that some people have not yet discovered. Our erotic wiki should help you to be inspired for your perfect escort date.

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In our Escort Wiki you will find all common definitions of erotic terms. As inspiration, explanation and suggestion for an unique erotic experience with your escort lady.

As diverse as the personalities of our escort ladies are, as different are their preferences. Whether submissive or dominant, playful or sometimes in lacquer and leather. There are no limits for fantasies in the bedroom. We would gladly advise you by mail or phone about the preferences of our selected high class escort ladies.



Traditionally, the man lies down, the woman kneels over him and supports herself a little – with her head at the height of his best part and so that her vulva can come towards his tongue. This requires a lot of familiarity so that both can enjoy the whole thing.


Anal Massage

The prostate unites a multitude of nerve endings, which makes anal stimulation very intense. You can pamper yourself as well as be stimulated by your partner, i.e. with your fingers or during sex. However, the prostate massage works best with an anal toy or a curved finger.


Anal Sex – Greek

Probably many think “Ouch”. But anal sex can be something very special for both sides. The region around the anus has especially many nerve endings, which can provide intensive stimulation when touched. Intense orgasms are not uncommon during anal sex. The most important thing in this practice is to take your time to prevent pain. Do not go straight to the point. The power lies in rest, and in this, also the pleasure.



Slave or servant? People experience particularly intense orgasms when they are associated with pain. Bondage & especially intense role-plays are as much a part of BDSM as whipping, submission or general punishment of your partner. However, these practices should be discussed in detail beforehand to clearly define misunderstandings and limitations.



Bisexuality occurs in many different forms. Many of our High Class Escort Models Switzerland cultivate a bisexuality, which does not always have to be practiced. As we do not commit ourselves to one gender, the choice of potential partners is of course quite high. This is a good reason for a bisexual lifestyle.



Bondage is a popular practice in the BDSM scene. It is about tying up the partner with ropes or cloths to stimulate the partner. Bondage can be quite hard as well as practiced as an aesthetic way. Bondage can be the prelude to an erotic role play, it can be used as the only practice within a session or it can be used as an aesthetic element outside a sexual act or session.


Body insemination

Body fluids on the body of his escort lady Switzerland, is a service which must be discussed absolutely. Many of our ladies offer this service, but it is up to the lady to decide which point of her body she chooses.



Candaulism is like an erotic cinema. Two people are enjoying themselves and the third is watching. This has nothing to do with tension, but is desired by prior arrangement!



Probably the most popular toys for hot nights. The colorful rubber penises are available in various shapes and colors. They can be made of materials like glass, wood or plastics. Our Escort Models Switzerland all have a selected favorite toy, which you can also bring to an escort service. So don’t be afraid to express the wish that our escort ladies bring their toys with them.



Eyes closed and gone? Face sitting is much more than a funny idea. The partner sits on the face of the other person and is spoiled by the tongue. This can be very tingling if both partners get involved.



You have a secret desire during sex? Is it probably a fetish? Please contact us with pleasure about your preferences to find the perfect escort lady Switzerland for you. There are countless fetishes of different kinds. Some are not as rare as you might think. Often it is even easier to be relaxed if you clarify in advance which fetishes the other person likes or wishes for.



French sex means oral stimulation of the genitals. It is therefore the generic term for blowjob, fellatio, cunnilingus and Co. It does not matter whether a man or a woman is satisfied with the mouth. The goal is to be passionate! French is probably one of the most popular sex practices on the planet. Even though many of our escort ladies do not speak French, they are masters of this subject.



Sie haben einen geheimen Wunsch beim Sex? Handelt es sich wohl um einen Fetisch? Sprechen Sie uns gerne auf Ihre Vorlieben an, um für Sie die perfekte Escort Dame Schweiz zu finden. Es gibt unzählige Fetische verschiedener Art. Manche sind gar nicht so selten, wie Sie eventuell denken. Oft lässt es sich sogar entspannter zugehen, wenn im Voraus geklärt wird, welche Fetische der Andere mag oder sich wünscht.


Foot eroticism

Feet can have something very erotic for many people. Maybe for you too? Our High-Class Models are always happy to help you in this practice to bring you to the peak. We would be happy to advise you which lady likes to practice foot eroticism.


Girlfriend Sex – Experience

Tender sex, pure romance and sweet cuddling. Girlfriend Sex or a Girlfriend Experience is for men who want a romantic date with an intense climax. In our magazine article you can read about the erotic advantages of a Girlfriend Experience and how you can book it with our agency.



Are you particularly agile? Then you should choose a very sporty lady for your date. If you like it “Indian” during sex, you can stretch, twist or contort well. A very wild and exotic sex practice, which is not for beginners. It sometimes resembles the Kama Sutra.


Kama Sutra

The holy eroticism compilation of crazy and at the same time intense sex positions. Written around 250 AD in India, it is a sex bible for many devotees, which offers a lot of intense practices for the bedroom. Translated it is roughly translated as “Verses of Desire”.



“Karezza” means tenderness and caressing. A very tingling sex variation that does not need any hectic. Karezza is a perfect foreplay for long and intense sex. Stroke easily over the tender skin of your escort model Switzerland. Just as tenderly, our high-class models will treat your body and concentrate on your lust.


Ménage à trois

A ménage à trois is an intimate relationship between 3 people. In most cases 2 men and a beautiful escort lady Switzerland. But many of our ladies also have a duo partner, which you can easily find on their profiles.



A tender and passionate practice of stroking, kissing and touching your counterpart. Necking refers to the upper part of the body in both men and women.



In both men and women, the nipples are a highly sensitive part of the body. They can be stimulated by sucking, teething or tender touch. The stimulation of the nipples is an excellent way to treat your escort lady Switzerland. In the same way, you can wish and enjoy it from your escort model.


Lacquer & Latex

Two wonderful things, which look damn seductive on many of our Swiss escort ladies. Lacquer and latex shines like the beauty of our ladies. Skirts, pants and lingerie are close to the skin due to the materials and therefore look especially erotic. Our escort models are happy to dress in lacquer, leather or latex according to your wishes.


Ménage à trois

A ménage à trois is an intimate relationship between 3 people. In most cases 2 men and a beautiful escort lady Switzerland. But many of our ladies also have a duo partner, which you can easily find on their profiles.



Tender licking of the anus can be an erotic experience for many people. Whether this is the case, you better discuss with our escort ladies after booking.


Role plays

You have a special imagination? You are the fireman and save your escort lady in a fiery and erotic role play? With our escort ladies you can be who you want to be. Many of our high-class ladies find role-playing an attractive way to take the erotic experience to a whole new level. We would be happy to advise you which of our ladies is particularly suitable for role-playing.



You have a special imagination? You are the fireman and save your escort lady in a fiery and erotic role play? With our escort ladies you can be who you want to be. Many of our high-class ladies find role-playing an attractive way to take the erotic experience to a whole new level. We would be happy to advise you which of our ladies is particularly suitable for role-playing.


Shoe eroticism

A very special fetish, which does not require much preparation. Our Escort Models Switzerland have a wonderful collection of expensive designer shoes with which you can spoil them if you wish. Our escort ladies will also gladly show you a selection of exclusive shoes.


Shower games

When the warm water splashes on our Escort Models Switzerland, then it’s time for erotic shower games with your High-Class Escort Model. Spoil yourself both in a steam shower and enjoy the erotic atmosphere to the fullest. Mutual soaping and tender kisses on each other’s backs promise lustful moments full of passion.



Ein sehr spezieller Fetisch, welcher jedoch keiner großer Vorbereitung bedarf. Unsere Escort Models Schweiz besitzen eine wunderbare Sammlung an teuren Designer Schuhen mit welchen Sie sie gerne verwöhnen, wenn Sie es wünschen. Gerne führen unsere Escort Damen Ihnen auch eine Auswahl an exklusiven Schuhen vor.



With Spanish sex is meant that the man puts his genitals between the breasts of his high class lady and then rubs them to lead the gentleman to the climax. A very popular practice among men, which many of our ladies also enjoy.



Relax, lie down in your armchair and enjoy the show! Our escort ladies slip into hot lingerie for you and offer you a striptease until the last drop. A perfect start for your unforgettable escort date with our ladies.
You alone decide which dresses or lingerie our ladies wear! Let us know your wishes and we will make sure that your escort lady Switzerland appears exactly in this dress.


Sleigh ride

During the Chinese or Finnish sleigh ride, the man kneels between the legs of the woman lying on his back. He lifts the woman’s pelvis and penetrates into her. The woman’s bottom rests on the man’s thighs. Then he bends over her, slides deeper into her and out again – he “goes sledding with her”.



Submissive means to surrender, to act submissively or to be passive during sex. People enjoy the partner who indicates the direction. It is important to trust your partner. Many of our Escort Models Switzerland are rather submissive characters. This promises a lot of fun for you, because you set the tone. From position to speed, the dominant part determines what happens in bed. Submissive also means to let yourself go completely in bed.


Swinger Club

A popular meeting place for couples and lovers to enjoy erotic experiences together. Swinger clubs are well equipped, e.g. with saunas or pools. In addition, many good swinger clubs have a BDSM area and other rooms for special fetishes. Our escort ladies will gladly accompany you to a swinger club of your choice.


Tickle finger

A sex toy that can lead to an intense orgasm, especially for women. The tickling finger slowly touches the erogenous zone of the high-class ladies and makes them flow.


Travel Escort

Going on vacation alone? That sounds damn boring. Our escort agency Swiss Eve has the right escort lady for every trip. Whether it’s to the beach or deep into the Swiss Alps. With our escort ladies, fun and eroticism is guaranteed for your travel escort! We would be happy to advise you regarding longer travel escorts by mail or telephone.


Tongue games

With the tongue all points of the body can be pampered. A beautiful feeling, which brings man and woman on full speed. Whether on the upper body, or most popularly, on the lower part of the body, the right use of the tongue promises a lot of fun!


Verbal eroticism

Do you like it when our escort ladies have a little “dirty talk” with you? No problem! Our eloquent ladies can not only articulate themselves perfectly on the red carpet, no, you will also find the right language in the bedroom, which will bring you to the climax.



Inside the romantic life of the Swiss

What does it look like in Swiss bedrooms? Does the romance of the Alps carry over into the bedroom, or are there frosty temperatures like on the glacier? The answer is: Not at all! Switzerland even occupies some top positions in international comparison. For example, when it comes to orgasms, the Swiss have about 10% more orgasms than many other countries. Furthermore, three quarters of the Swiss are happy in their relationships and love their partner. An interesting phenomenon occurs in couples after about 5 years. On average, after 5 years there is the first major break in the relationship and the frequency of sex also decreases after 5 years. Before, on average 2-3 times a week, the intimate eroticism decreases to 2-4 times a month.


What about the loyalty of the Swiss?

Well, as in many other countries, the Swiss do not keep it so exactly with the fidelity. About 20% percent of men have already ended up in another bed in their relationships. Oops! For women only about 10%. The Swiss are surprisingly relaxed about visiting groups of sex or swingers’ clubs. About every fifth and every eighth Swiss woman has had group sex or visited the local swingers club with a known couple.


How long can it be and what can I bring into the bedroom?

Many Swiss, exactly one third, consider sex toys very erotic and stimulating. So, a great foreplay can sometimes last a whole hour! Since our High-Class Ladies are booked per hour, it is recommended to book a slightly longer date in order to concentrate on each other. If you have any questions or wishes regarding your date and the preferences of our Swiss escort ladies, we will be happy to advise you and plan the best escort date of your life. We hope our erotic wiki has given you some suggestions for an erotic escort date and we look forward to your inquiries!


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