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Find out more about the Swiss Eve Escort Service on this page. If you can not find what you are looking for in our detailed FAQs, please call us.

Informations about our agency and our service

Find out more about our escort service on this page. If our detailed FAQs do not give you the answer you are looking for, please call our agency. Our staff will provide you with all the informations you need.

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Informations about our agency and our service

What is escort service?

An escort agency arranges escort models for special moments at a fixed fee. Whether the model accompanies you to a specific event, or you just want to spend beautiful hours as a couple, does not matter.

What distinguishes our escort service from normal service?

Swiss Eve escort models undergo a multi-stage casting. Only those who convince in all points, may wear our name. Decisive for us, in addition to the external appearance, an excellent character and a professional aptitude. For example, empathy, or the ability to handle each situation positively, is just as crucial to us as a demanding occupational main activity.

How does the agency guarantee discretion?

The data we collect from you in thebooking process serve us only for the best possible organization of your date. The data and information are handled by us to 100% discreet and will of course not be forwarded to third parties.

Why are there two different fee classes?

Our escort models are characterized by excellent service. Those who stand out in particular, for example by strikingly above-average feedback, or certain services, receive the privilege of a higher fee class.

What services does the agency promise?

First of all you book a date, that means a meeting with one of our escort models. The fee is therefore a remuneration for the time spent, not for certain services. You both decide how far your date will get. We can therefore neither inform about specific services, or guarantee them. However, our escort models are of course very open and interested in intimate dates.

General information

The escort models act completely self-determined, because Swiss Eve is a pure agency. That is, the agency is in the case only the mediator and receives from the models therefore a mediation commission. A contractual relationship arises when the booking is made, only between you and the escort model. Insofar as we are entitled to receive the payment for a date, we have the right to receive money.

What is the access for members?

Members see the photos of our escort models uncensored. Access is granted to customers who already enjoy our trust. If you do not have member access yet or your password is not working anymore, feel free to contact us on your next booking.

02Booking information

Expiry of a booking and information about your escort date

How early in advance should a date be booked?

The sooner the better. Tell us your wishes as early as possible, so that we can plan the availability of the model and possible arrivals. It can happen that your requested model may not be available at that time. In this case, you will be informed immediately after your request and you are welcome to discuss an alternative with us.

Which payment options are available?

In order to act as mediator in the best possible way and to secure your payment, we generally recommend a complete payment transaction via the agency. We accept payments by bank transfer, Western Union, cash deposit into our account or by credit card. By phone, we clarify in advance of booking all the necessary details.

Can a date be canceled?

Of course we understand, that sometimes something can come in between. So if you have to cancel your scheduled date, just let us know and we'll tell our model. Please inform us as early as possible, as cancellations less than 5 hours before the meeting will be charged with 230 CHF. We will also not refund travel expenses that have already incurred.

Can I directly contact the escort models?

Discretion is our highest asset, so you can not contact the escort models directly. All contact requests are made exclusively through the agency.

How does a booking work?

You can simply send us a request by e-mail, use our booking form, or call the agency directly. You will find all further information on our booking page. Shortly after you made your request we will check the availability of the model and confirm it to you. Possible payments for travel expenses must be made at certain times in advance of the date. We will inform you about all further details in the process of your booking.

03Information for applicants

Requirements and agency services for female applicants

How do I become an escort model?

If you are generally an open person, confident in appearance, or just like to meet new people, you already have good qualifications. Of course, there is a lot more to it, such as a good sense for situations, an open personality, an appealing appearance, or an interest in erotic encounters. There are other criteria for applying as an escort model in our agency, which you can find in the casting section of our site.

Why do escort models work with agencies?

Quite simply: escort agencies provide the necessary framework to be able to perform as an escort model successfully and safely. At Swiss Eve, for example, we invest a lot of time in personal contact with our models to ensure safety and a proper organization. In addition, through our marketing and our various channels, we provide our models with a large publicity in order to receive as many date offers as possible. We manage the inquiries and contacts, we organize the processes and do much more, so that our models can fully concentrate only on themselves and the dates.

How can I apply to Swiss Eve?

Our Casting form covers the first necessary information. Please fill in all fields carefully. If You have any questions in advance, you can give us a call. We will be pleased to advise you.

How does an application work?

Once you have applied via our casting form, we will call you back to coordinate your and our ideas of a cooperation. Afterwards we will meet in person, in order to achieve a full image of your qualifications, your appearance and your personality. Of course we guarantee discretion. We will only use your application data to evaluate the possibillity of a cooperation and never share it with third parties.

How is a photo shoot organized?

As you may have already seen, we attach great importance to a natural and professional representation of our models. We work together with professional photographers and make-up artists. We shoot in different places to get a visual variety in the profiles of our escort models. The cost of the shoot will be paid by yourself. If necessary we can help with financing the shooting. All further details will be discussed in the course of your application.

How is anonymity maintained?

On our website and in contact with the customer, we only use pseudonyms for our models. You are welcome to choose your pseudonym yourself. Of course, we will disguise your face on your pictures on your request. Also, special body features can already be concealed during the photo shooting, or in post-processing.

General information

We would like to point out that as an agency we are a pure mediator. For this we conclude an agreement with you, in which we set the necessary commissions. You are self-employed and have to tax your income and sales yourself.

To our international visitors

Swiss Eve is an escort agency based in Switzerland, specialized in international service. We accept bookings and applications from all over the world and for every occasion.

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Members see more

Members see the photos of our escort models uncensored. Access is granted to customers who already enjoy our trust. If you do not have member access yet or your password is not working anymore, feel free to contact us on your next booking.